Integrity Engineering inc. uses the capabilities and resources of several businesses and individuals working together to offer a wide range of engineering and technical services from proposal, concept development, design, production, integration, test, installation, and support. By resourcing tasks to Integrity Engineering, our clients are able to extend capabilities and resources while minimizing risks and overall costs.

Who We Are
Integrity Engineering, located in Richardson, Texas was founded by Durward E. Rutledge, P.E., to provide needed technical services and expertise as part of the virtual employee, virtual office, and virtual corporation reality emerging due to today's business reengineering and restructuring efforts. Many companies cannot afford to maintain a qualified full time staff covering all of these areas, therefore Integrity Engineering, inc. can provide competent and experienced technical assistance in a timely and cost-effective manner. "Virtual IS Reality" and Integrity Engineering can help provide a "win-win" approach to ensuring quality while maintaining cost, schedule, and risk control.

What We Do
Integrity Engineering's professional services include:
Specialty, Test, and Compliance Engineering
New Product development, design, and patent support
Systems Engineering
Re-engineering, re-invention engineering
Proposal and Program Management support

Integrity Engineering is a cumulative term introduced by the company's founder applied to the many engineering disciplines associated with the design, assurance, and verification functions that ensure a product, process, or system meets its appropriate and intended requirements. This basic approach applies to programs whether large or small, commercial or Government, domestic or foreign, simple or complex. The process begins with the identification, definition, and understanding of customer needs, including both explicit and derived. This is the very foundation of classic systems engineering, including the technical, specialty, and test engineering disciplines imbedded within every major engineering field.

Application of these disciplines should not adversely impact a program, but should in fact minimize cost, schedule, technical, and legal risks and improve the overall life cycle cost. Every program or task should consider each of these disciplines in a sensible and practical manner, tailored for each particular case. Integrity Engineering, inc. therefore provides several engineering services to effectively and efficiently define requirements, track (audit) and verify how requirements are met, and provide needed resources to ensure customer satisfaction.

How To Contact Us
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For more information:
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Toll Free: 1-877-IEI-ENGR
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